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UN unanimously adopts Bangladesh’s Resolution on Culture of Peace

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The United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted Bangladesh’s flagship Resolution on the ‘Culture of Peace’, today. The Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UN in New York Ambassador Muhammad Abdul Muhith introduced the Resolution at the UNGA. While introducing the Resolution, Ambassador Muhith highlighted the continued relevance of culture of peace in today's world characterized by complex challenges and boundless opportunities. "Indeed, it is more urgent today than ever to promote a culture of peace; to prioritize dialogue and rapprochement over violence and confrontation.", said Ambassador Muhith The Resolution was first adopted on 13 September 1999, during the first tenure of

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Since then, Bangladesh has been facilitating this Resolution at the Assembly every year and also convening a High-level Forum on the Culture of Peace in the General Assembly. This recent High-Level Forum which was held on 06 September 2022, focused on transformative role of culture of peace to ensure justice, equality, and inclusion for advancing peacebuilding. This year, the Resolution centered on collective efforts to address global risks and challenges with the United Nations playing a central role. It underscored the importance of strengthening preventive diplomacy, dialogue and healthy debates at all levels. While reaffirming the invaluable

role of women in conflict prevention and resolution it called for full equal and meaningful participation of women in such processes. Among others, the resolution stressed the need to address the underlying drivers of violence and conflict and also to promote a culture of peace in the context of ongoing digital transformation. Bangladesh’s Permanent Representative stated that the Resolution of the culture of peace has over time, grown in relevance, and evolved into a dominant theme finding larger footprints and recognition in all major UN discourses. “In the rapidly changing global situation, it has proved to be a useful means

to complement UN Charter obligations of maintaining peace in the world”, he added. This year's Resolution has been cosponsored by more than 100 countries, showcasing a broad-based endorsement from a diverse representation of UN Member States. Bangladesh's continued facilitation of this Resolution each year stands as a testament to the international community's profound confidence in Bangladesh as a steadfast advocate for global peace.

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